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Nathalie Sader

Goddess Coach / Holistic Chef

A clinical psychologist back in lebanon, Nathalie was always passionate about human happiness, health, and wellness.

Growing up in a country where being a woman is a challenge, Nathalie was living in survival mode, exhausted to meet society standards that dictate how a woman should look, feel, think and act!

After she moved to the U.S, her spiritual and self-love journey started at the moment she discovered a life in her womb.

"Sometimes it takes another human being to make you love yourself again" she says.


Recently, after she graduated as a Certified Holistic Coach from IIN, she founded Awakened Goddess to fulfill her life purpose and mission: empowering women to awaken the goddess within, love themselves again unconditionally and rejoice in their femininity through healthy and delicious eating , creating positive thoughts, attracting fulfilling relationships, developing an inspiring spiritual practice, discovering pleasurable body movement and finding their true calling in life so they can feel and look fabulous!

Wholistic Coach

Nathalie's long experience working one on one with clients through clinical psychology is now well honed with integrative nutrition and spirituality; the perfect combo to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Nathalie works with women as a whole, both locally and via skype video calls to help them awaken their inner goddess, love themselves again unconditionally through self-acceptance and self worth , find their true calling in life and as a result transform their lives on all levels.



Cooking classes and 

workshops instructor

Cooking is a sacred and sensual experience where all your senses are involved to provide you nourishment, pleasure and healing. Join me for an enjoyable and delectable adventure and get ready to create some delicious magic in the kitchen.

Knife skills, techniques, food secrets, flavor combinations and serving tips so you can cook any meal you like with more confidence and also make it look appetizing!

Are you ready to meet your awakened chef?

What Others Say About Nathalie

testimonial for holistic health coach and holistic chef nathalie sader

Denise Crouse & Randi Whilhelm

Culinary & Community Center Liaison
Whole Foods Market Annapolis

"Nathalie is a great teacher and a true professional.  She has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to health and nutrition and a passion to deliver it to all her students.  Nathalie has taught several classes at the Whole Foods Market in Annapolis MD.  Her classes always drew a big crowd, with all excited to learn.  Each meal she prepares is a piece of art!  Once you decide to taste her masterpiece, it truly will not disappoint you. Delicious!"

Suzie Burgess, Maryland

Rosalie Gonsolin, California

"I had the very good fortune of meeting Nathalie at Whole Foods in 2011 and immediately felt the magnetism of her personality. 

At our first session, Nathalie was very generous  to offer me as a potential client, an hour, to share so much of her knowledge and it was definitely an hour worthwhile spent.  

That talk inspired me and gave me insight that was sitting right in front of me which I couldn't see myself. Being that I am a cancer survivor she managed to tell me things which steered me, my life and my relations in the right direction and made me realize how I needed to take care of me during this journey.

She is a very wise woman, and despite my life experiences and my own introspective nature, she brought things to light that I never even thought of.  She definitely gave me food for thought and priorities which I need to set in my life.  

She is truly blessed with not only being able to inspire others with her knowledge, but her recipes are all truly delicious as well as being extremely healthy, vegan and organic. I cannot make that leap to give up meat, although I try, but Nathalie's recipes give me days of delicious, meatless nutrition and are so satisfying. If you haven't tried her green smoothie yet, you don't know what you are missing. Thank you Nathalie for all that you so selflessly give back to the world trying to make it a better place and trying to keep us all so healthy. Love you and all that you do to inspire us. "

"I have never met a more caring, kinder, gentle soul than Nathalie.   I went to this "Goddess makeover" program skeptical and frustrated. Nothing i had tried had work previously.

Little by little, Nathalie gently guided me in the right direction, never judging, always loving. I started to let my walls drop and began to totally trust her. She helped me figure out my road blocks, negative thinking and thoughts patterns that weren't working. She also helped me to turn disasters into lessons. That was a hard one. When i first met Nathalie, self-love was pretty much non-existent and hadn't been for a while. I never understood why.

Thanks for her genuine care, helpful information and gently nudging, my life has changed. It has changed so much that i enrolled at IIN so that i can help others just like Nathalie Helped me.

I will FOREVER be grateful top Nathalie for helping me."

Hiba Hachem, Dubai

Michella Abujawdeh, Lebanon 

"Very deep and inspiring lady. Nathalie can easily lift you up and guide you towards happier moments and places in your life. She knows that being positive is not given, one has to work on it on a daily basis through everything lived and done, including and specially the feeding body process. Once the awareness is there, you only need to dig more and do your own research, or/and, follow Nathalie's advises. I have personally changed my way of thinking and my diet, and Nathalie had her part of contribution to it. My body and soul felt better . Am not saying it will be easy, but its worth it. I have tried many of her recipes, such oat meal for breakfast, almond milk, ice cream, pasta, pitta bread...easy to prepare, tasty but most important it gives energy to the body and soul. Instead of feeling tired after a meal, I feel energized. Nathalie will surely in a way or another help boosting your mood, your body and maybe your life."

"I never imagined I would be doing vegan mozzarella and that it would turn out so delicious! Nathalie taught me that healthy cooking doesn't compromise the taste. Her way and guidance throughout the session made it a memorable experience, and her recipes are easy to replicate and don't require so much time in the kitchen. I will definitely be taking more cooking sessions with Nathalie and I encourage every person who wishes to experience cooking in a different way to do so as well."

Lisa Valantine, California

Serena Edward, Malasyia 

First off, I want to thank Nathalie for letting me pour out what I always wanted to say. Those thoughts were ONLY always in my mind, she is the first person to actually know what I went through because I trust her (I don't trust no one). 

I realised the power of talking to the right minded person is liberating for me. I approached her because she radiated something that I wanted for myself. I came to her because I struggle with weight loss, and the reason I struggled with so much aspect of myself is because I kept everything inside of me in a negative way. Looking at her being so comfortable and in tune with nature, with food with her body gave me a sense of peace I wanted for myself for a very very long time.

The next day, after our first session, I woke up, I felt different and new. I felt the negativity is finally leaving me like I am no longer trapped, I stopped criticising  myself for once and just started to take care of "baby" me, like she calls her. I realised that I have the power to constantly transform myself."

"When my daughter sent me a link to Nathalie's amazing website I knew that I wanted to have a consultation with her.  Thanks to Skype I was able to do just that.  I have been going through a lot of transition in my life and I found she was really easy to connect with and talk to.  She is a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul.  Her warm and generous heart shines through her and her work.  It was an hour well-spent and I recommend her highly enough." 

Julia Tohme, Canada

Nathalie is very gifted person, in only one session she really changed my life.

She made me open my eyes about things that where holding me back from achieving my goals. Sometimes our past hunts us without even being aware of. Her attentiveness and her experience in asking me the right questions which helped me process with the healing.

My husband and I both started a new Journey of lifestyle changing and we both lost 6kilos/13lbs.

She’s an inspiration a muse and of course a very talented person with all the creative and colorful recipes she posts on Instagram. I am very excited for our future sessions together.

Nathalie believes that social media is an amazing platform to spread knowledge and awareness.

With an audience growing exponentially in the past year, Nathalie loves working with brands that align with her vision and help spread her message globally.

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Nathalie believes that preparing healthy AND delectable food is the most beautiful and authentic way to express love to oneself and others and healing a longlife dysfunctional relationship with our food and body.

She strives to create healthy and delectable meals for her clients to help them realign with their Divine Feminine, in the most delicious and joyful way.

And because food alone is not enough, Nathalie shares ingredients that you cannot find in a store, but that you can create yourself in the quiet space of your heart.

She will guide you through daily affirmations, guided meditations and positive mantras to inspire you to feed you soul every day of your life just the way you feed your body. 

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