Chocolate covered strawberries

Well you may know how I feel about chocolate and strawberries, I think they are the sexiest tastiest food ever!

And when combined together, that's another level of ecstasy!

Combining the "food of Gods" and fertility with the juiciest berry , symbol of "Venus" in ancient Rome, both being known for centuries as natural aphrodisiacs, now that's taking pleasure to another level!

Just notice how engaged all your senses are while making this recipe and not only for Valentine's day but any day you want to create a healthy indulgence or maybe a little romance!

preparation time: 30 minutes

cooling time: 20 minutes


20 medium strawberries

1 cup vegan chocolate chips (preferably naturally sweetened)

1 tbsp of melted coconut oil


The strawberries should be completely dry, so I recommend washing them ahead of time and let them drain completely. (Or if you are in a hurry, use paper towels and tap dry them).

Refrigerate the strawberries, covered with paper towels, while you are preparing the chocolate.

In a small saucepan, heat the coconut oil briefly (for 1 minute) and add ¾ cup of the chocolate chips over low heat, stirring frequently until the chocolate chips have melted.

Remove from heat and add the rest of the chocolate chips. Stir continuously until all is melted and smooth.

Line a tray with wax or parchment paper.

Take strawberries out of the refrigerator and dip the lower three quarter of each strawberry into the melted chocolate, hold your hand over the saucepan for 3 seconds to prevent dripping and place the strawberry gently on the tray.

Repeat until all strawberries are covered with chocolate.

You can thicken the chocolate layer by giving the strawberry another dip in the chocolate mixture, once the chocolate have set after the 1st round.

Get creative and drizzle a fine chocolate line creating patterns and shapes using a squeeze bottle or a small spoon.

The chocolate will firm up real quick if the strawberries are cold enough, otherwise, refrigerate uncovered for 20 minutes.

Store in a container in the fridge to keep the strawberries fresh.

Tip: place a paper towel underneath the container lid to prevent water drops from falling into the chocolate.

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