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What kind of energy does your food hold? What kind of energy do you imprint your food with, while preparing it, thinking about it, eating it and afterward?


Does food create more fear and worry for you than it creates pleasure and nourishment?


Do you over obsess about eating by the “book” and God knows how many different books there are out there?


Do you worry that the food you are eating may be creating disease or make you fat or any other kind of “punishment”? Did you battle your list to a point where there is barely anything left to eat?


Do you go against your body & palette preference just to stick to a certain diet or label?


Do you find yourself yo-yo-ing between diets thinking that this one is the ONE?


Did you try every diet out there but still didn’t get the results you want?


Is your relationship with food and your body conflictual and complicated?


Are you tired of “nothing is working for me” mentality?


Are you so mad at your body because it is not cooperative no matter what you do?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t think you are alone.


We live in an era where food had become the enemy and where our bodies are being compared, judged and put under a microscope and many times under the knife.


It is not easy to love your body or make friends with your food, I get it, I have been there, and still a work in progress,


But I made the decision to awaken my inner goddess and rebel against a time where food is feared and our body is hated, and my act of rebellion is simply connecting to love towards our food and our body and thriving as we are supposed to.


In this ebook you will get introduced to a new paradigm shift around food as an awakened Goddess: thinking of food and dealing with food in terms of energy and vibration is freeing, less obsessive, empowering and pleasurable.


The detox in this ebook is not your usual detox because it is not only about food.


It will give you inspiration and practical tools to let go of anything that is no longer serving the body, mind and soul that you are at your core while softly awakening your inner goddess.


This ebook offers a holistic comprehensive approach to detox since what we nourish ourselves with goes beyond what's on our plate.


Do you want to foster a new relationship with your body centered in self-acceptance and self-love?


Are you ready to detox from anything that is not serving the body, mood, vision, relationship and life that you would like to create?


Are you ready to awaken the goddess within you?


Are you ready for a sustainable and lasting change?


Don't wait any longer.


In this guide, you will find 3 parts:


Part I- Create your beautiful body and life: 6 chapters of inspiration and empowerment

Part II- Eight practices for awakening the goddess within with exercices and meditation

Part III- 7 day detox protocol (30+ recipes + affirmations + shopping list +ingredient list + Q&A)

The Awakened Goddess Detox ebook

$25.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price

"If you know Nathalie, you know that she does everything with her complete heart and Soul. Nathalie is empowering women (and men) to liberate themselves from archaic ideologies that have been holding them back from loving themselves completely. Her method to physical, mental, and emotional well-being is special and offers a whole view approach that feels like a best friend is right there with you championing you every step of the way. If you are ready to receive support in a way that will nourish, inspire, and uplift you in extraordinary ways, do yourself a big favor and get to know Nathalie Sader's work, and gift yourself and your loved ones with her new book The Awakened Goddess Detox!"

Emmanuel Dagher / Spiritual teacher, healer, and bestselling author


"This book will awaken all your senses. This beautiful goddess Nathalie has found just the right words and style to impart important life lessons. It’s like having a chat with your wisest friend who reminds you how best to take care of your body, mind and soul and live a healthy happy life. The Awaken Goddess Detox Is a book ALL women should read."
Mimi Kirk / Best selling author, of 7 books, inspirational speaker


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