Oh wait, I thought you were vegan!

"Oh wait, I thought you were vegan?! I see cheese on the table! " said someone shockingly as she was looking at one of the pictures I posted on my Instagram stories while I was enjoying brunch with my daughter at Souq waqif in Doha - Qatar.

Yes there was cheese on the table, and other "vegetarian" foods, and even though i don't necessarily eat dairy, I can still eat it and enjoy it if I want to, if I feel like it.

What I didn't really appreciate was the label.

Well at some time in my life, not long ago, I was 100% "vegan" which means I didn’t eat any animal product at all.

Later on I started adding fish to my menu, so people would call me "pescatarian". And you know what, our food preferences and body needs may keep changing, do we need to keep replacing labels to define who we are?

Well if I had to have a label, I would choose one that never changes, one that doesn't limit me or put me in a box, one that I am making up: l would be FREETARIAN.

While I still eat 90% plant based because that's what my body loves to eat, and because plant-based food raises my vibration/energy, I value my freedom and free will to eat whatever I want if I feel like it on any given day!

Why do we need to add LABELS to define who we are when should be free to explore, grow and always transform?! I am not vegan but I eat more plants than a lot of vegan who eat Oreos and chips (and that's okay too if that s what works for them, not judging anybody here).