Sweet potato toasts

I know, toasts have been taking over instagram in such a big wave lately, especially with the delicious and colorful toppings that captivate all your senses and make you so indecisive which one you are going to go for.

And because bread is bread, no matter how gluten free, grain free, vegan, paleo, low fat ... it is, How about we ditch the bread for a change and we try these delicious and nutritious sweet potato toasts instead?

Let's get started;

what you need:

2 Garnet sweet potatoes

some coconut oil

a cutting board

a sharp knife

a toaster or an iron skillet


you can add whatever you heart desires, from savory to sweet.

What I added:

Spreads: coconut butter - peanut butter - dark chocolate - chia blueberry jam -

Fruits: pomegranate seeds- peaches - bananas - figs - dragon fruit - avocado- strawberries -

Mix and match to your liking.