Vegan gluten free baked pumpkin pie

When one of your friends surprise you with a huge pumpkin just couple days before your daughter's birthday, you know that this year the birthday cake is going to be unconventional!

I have made no-bake pumpkin pies before that I LOVE but my kids were not a big fan! So I decided to bake one for the first time!

I took the risk and made this pie as the main birthday "cake" celebration and to my surprise, my daughters loved it!! I could only have a slice the day of the birthday!

They wanted to have a slice for school and another one for breakfast, and another one after lunch!

The 3rd day, as they were getting ready to go to school in the morning, the pie was already gone, only couple crust crumbs were sitting there on the table with 2 happy "we couldn't help it mom" faces :)

So needless to say this recipe was a success!