Pink Halavah Smoothie

Every time you mix Tahini with a sweetener you create a Halavah like flavor that is so sweet, dense and warm, not the warm that is the opposite to cool, but rather the warmth of a sweet kiss after a good night sleep.

This smoothie is one of my favorite because it combines 3 of my childhood favorite ingredients:

~ Pine nuts, I still remember when we used to go pick the pine cones from the trees in my village, sit under the tree with with such a delight, take the seeds out and crack them open with a small rock! Priceless!

~ Tahini, I hardly can remember a day passing without eating tahini in some form: from hummus, baba ghannouj, halavah, pastries, pasta sauces, tajin, tarator, etc

~ Beets, my mom's favorite; we used to have one big pot of boiling beets almost every other day in our household when I was little.

She would peel them, sprinkle some salt and share them with us.

So this smoothie doesn't only taste good, but also feels good bringing back memories of warmth, love and family bonding.


4 frozen bananas

1/4 cup of pine nuts

1/4 cup of tahini paste

1 tsp of baobab powder, I use organic Burst