Sumac, potato & root vegetables Galette

I can have soup for lunch and feel completely satisfied, especially if it is lentil soup, it is so filling and nutritious. But this is not the case for my husband, for him soup is soup even if it is made of all the imaginable ingredients! He's got to chew on something! right?

So yesterday I started thinking of something that goes so perfectly with a big bowl of warm soup! and then, thanks to my inspiring IG friend Maya, I found it!

What is better than a savory Galette to accompany your soup?! you can even dip it in! Oh my!

I intuitively mixed some flours together and stir fried some veggies for the filling!

And it worked, hubby loved it! We all did! It was so filling, grounding and delicious!

Using some root vegetables, potatoes, leeks and sumac, these Galette are so earthy and grounding!

As the weather is cooling down at this time of the year, eating more root vegetables can help our bodies feel warm and centered just as these vegetables are centered in the earth, inside the soil which also make them absorb a great amount of nutrients!

As for the sumac, which is so essential to this recipe, it takes the flavors and earthiness of this dish to another level, softening & balancing the roots flavors.

Using this amazing spice in this recipe is inspired by my hometown cuisine - Lebanon- where we use sumac in spinach Fatayer for a citrus-y taste!

P.S: be aware of the Galette addiction! You can fill it with anything you like, from savory to sweet, anything! Just make sure the filling is not too wet!