Anti-inflammatory beans & rice

Would believe me if I tell you I could live on beans, rice or quinoa and vegetables? Yes lots of vegetable, especially greens! I have always loved vegetables even before I became a health nut! There is something about leafy greens that makes me feel happy and alive!

As for beans, I used to dislike them a lot when I was little, I called them the food of the poor! Silly me, little did I know!

Now that I had healed my relationship with money and abundance (lol) I discovered that I like them a LOT! You may be surprised how much the food we eat is related to our story, our emotions, our thoughts!

Back to this recipe, This dish is my to go lunch because it is a complete meal, packed with plant proteins, super easy and super quick to make! And my kids love it!

Today I would like to share one of my favorite meals with you!