Vegan & gluten free upside down mango cake

I had tons of mangoes in the fridge and my in-laws were coming to visit from Lebanon the next day. I wanted to make dinner, you know the whole Lebanese mezze, but my husband had other plans, he did a reservation at a Lebanese restaurant in Long Beach.

But I still had to make something special for them.

And because they enjoy their Lebanese coffee in the morning with some treat, usually biscuits or a sponge cake, I focused all my good intentions and love to make this cake work.

I started looking online for a simple sponge cake, that is vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free, actually not that simple! Refined sugar free is usually the most difficult to find, I always wonder why!!

I wanted a good recipe, I didn't have time to test and remake! Jamie Oliver to the rescue!

I found one of his recipes here, but I wanted to make an upside down cake, yes the mango were sitting and waiting!

Then I decided just to take the base of Jamie Oliver's cake, just the batter, tweak it to meet my dietary preferences and transform it into a mango upside down cake!

And guess what? It worked!!

It was pure inspiration! you know sometimes some people give me a good giggle when they