5 ingredients Detox Chocolate Buckwheat Granola

Isn't everybody's dream to eat food that is both delicious & healthy at the same time?Especially when it comes to treats, because you know how they usually are packed with processed sugars, additives, dairy and more..

And it is really not that difficult to enjoy nutrition & pleasure without compromising one for another. The only thing we have to do is just bring more awareness to the ingredients we are using to make those recipes. I cannot stress that enough: the quality of the ingredients used in a recipe enormously impact not only the nutrition part but also the flavors!

In this recipe, you are going to notice how easy & simple it is to create a breakfast or snack staple that anybody can enjoy at any time of the day while giving their body the best in terms of nutrition.

But be aware this recipe is quite addictive especially if you are a chocolate lover like me, you can have it for breakfast with a plant based milk & some berries, or just carry it with you as an energizing snack that will satisfy your sweet cravings throughout the day.

For this recipe I use:

- buckwheat instead of the regular oats for a change and to create a new culinary experience for the palette. I personally like the texture in the granola that is super crunchy and the richness in the flavor.

- minimum sweetener with 1/2 cup brown rice syrup & couple dates for 3 cups of buckwheat groats thanks to

- the stevia sweetened Detox Organics * chocolate superfoods that I am using for the chocolate flavor and to add super nutrition to my recipe.

Just think about that: 1 scoop of Detox Organics has more than 25 fruits, vegetables, herbs & superfoods combined! Imagine getting meeting your fruits & veggies daily recommendation eating your chocolate granola!

Wondering what these veggies, fruits and super foods are? Beet root powder, dandelion root powder, ginger root powder, turmeric root powder, aloe vera leaf powder, spinach leaf powder, collards leaf powder, kelp powder, spirulina powder & more, peppermint leaf powder, horseradish leaf tree powder, barley grass powder, alfalfa leaf powder & more..

All ingredients are 100% raw, vegan, gluten free, USDA organic & sweetened only with organic stevia leaf powder! *

Now who wouldn't want that?

- and finally some coconut oil as source of fat not only to balance the sweetness but also to facilitate the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins in this recipe.