Carob almond waffles

If you are looking for a vegan waffles recipe that is also grain free & high in protein, then you are going to love this one.

I used almond flour as the main flour and I mixed it with green banana flour that I enjoyed experimenting with for the first time.

Carob powder is a favorite substitute for chocolate in recipes because it is sweeter than cacao and has numerous benefits on digestion, anti-oxidant activity and also on the feeling of satiation which prevents overeating!

I personally love how carob react in baking goods, waffles and pancakes, I find it acts like a binder especially that we are not using eggs, So when I use carob in my recipes, I don't find it essential to even make vegan eggs using chia or flax.

I came up with this recipe not really sure how it was going to turn out (just like it is the case with all the recipes I create), but I was happily surprised with the result.

First the aroma of these waffles while cooking add a bit of anticipated pleasure and make you a little impatient to dig in.

The texture is crispy on the outside and softer but well cooked on the inside, the waffles are very filling and sweet but not to the point of replacing that sweet maple syrup drizzle on top.