Detox Chocolate spread

Sometimes, we all need simple, easy and quick recipes that are still healthy & enjoyable! And if that involves chocolate i bet you are sold! Or maybe not? you know, I will never understand how some people (maybe you) don't love chocolate!! Like for me it is the most perfect food on earth! Food for the body and food for the soul, especially for us women!

I used to have a lot of guilt around chocolate, not only because I was worried of gaining weight but also, maybe because of the amount of pleasure it gives me, and I am not sure about you, but I have been wired to categorize pleasure with sin! Gosh! Not anymore!

I wonder what is your experience with food and pleasure in general? Do you associate them with abundance & expansion or with fear, guilt and shame?

As strange as this may sound, the way we deal with food tells a lot about our approach to enjoying life in general!

So today, I am sharing a delicious luscious chocolate spread that is also super easy to make! This chocolate deliciousness can be used literally everywhere! On your toasts, pancakes, crepes, waffles, smoothie, to top your cakes with or your ice cream... Let your imagination run wild!