Potato and mushroom stir fry with parsley and chives

Potatoes have such bad rep but I personally think they are such a great nourishing comfort food that I grew up eating a lot, and no I am not talking about potato chips or french fries, I am talking about the starchy vegetables that is beautifully and nourishingly cooked with herbs, spices and other vegetables like the way we are going to use it in this recipe.

And I love when people like Dr. John MacDougall and Anthony Williams (the medical medium) defend this favorite ingredient of mine! You know sometimes I take it personal lol

People have been eating potatoes for thousands of years, I am so over the food phobia, we love in days where every single food is doomed by someone or some studies, or some fad trends!

My advice is the following: eat food with intention, give thanks and enjoy the nourishment and pleasure!

Do not take my words for it, or anybody words, always check with yourself, listen to your body, it knows best.

If a certain food makes you feel uncomfortable then look further, what may be going on on deeper levels.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

cooking time: approx 20 minutes

Servings: 4