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5 ingredients Detox Chocolate rice Krispies

When people ask my husband how many kids he has, his answer goes like this " I have 3 girls, 2 daughters and my wife" lol. And to some extent, that is so true, I totally embrace my inner child and am constantly in touch with her, I invite her to play often, give her the freedom to be totally fascinated by random and simple things in life, like a sunny day, the beauty of a flower, the excitement of learning new things every day, the fun of exploring, dancing, singing and just be happy with what is ... and of course chocolate!

Have you ever noticed a child's eye when they see chocolate? I still feel the same! Chocolate is pure magic not only for the way it tastes, but also for the way it makes you feel! It is no coincidence it is called the "food of gods"!

When it comes to food, I like to double the pleasure! Sometimes triple it , the more the better right?

let me ask you this: how does it feel to enjoy food that is utterly delicious while being aware of all the amazing nutrients you are giving your temple (aka body)?

Who would ever feel intimidated by food? Who would ever fear eating? Who would still count calories? Who would add any negative emotions to food?

Because let's get clear on this, if you are eating the healthiest food on earth without ENJOYING it to the fullest, you are still missing big time on the nourishment part.

Because nourishment is not only about ingredients but also how they make you feel, how much pleasure they can induce in you.

In this blog-post I am sharing a recipe of all time favorite :Rice Krispies and not any rice krispies, Detox chocolate rice krispies!

Why detox? because they contain natural ingredients that support the body in its natural detoxification process that is happening all the time as a way for the body to keep itself healthy and flowing. So why not joining "l'utile a l'agreable" as we say in french because contrary to that saying, of course you can win them all!!

These nutritious Chocolate rice bars can be enjoyed as breakfast, afternoon snack and they will also make a hit at any birthday party!

Let me know if you make them, I would love to see your recreations, just make sure you snap a picture and use #nathaliesader & @nathaliesader when you share on social media.

Let's make these delicious treats, they are vegan, gluten free (just make sure the carob or chocolate chips you are using are also gluten free) and naturally sweetened (you can find chocolate chips or carob chips that are sweetened with brown rice syrup or even stevia, just skip the refined sugars) and only require 5 ingredients!! (6 with the pinch of salt ;) Did I mention how easy & quick is this recipe?

Let's get started!


Preparation: 15 minutes Cooling time: 1 hour


4 cups brown rice cereal

pinch of sea salt

1/2 cup tahini (or any other seed or nut butter you like)

2 &1/2 cups naturally sweetened vegan carob chips (or you can use vegan chocolate chips)

2 tbsp coconut oil


First, melt the coconut oil in a bowl over a pot with hot water (double boiler method) on medium heat.

When the oil is completely melted, add the carob (or chocolate) chips and allow to melt completely.

Make sure not to over heat the melted carob, if it is too hot, refrigerate while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. It should come to room temperature before adding the rest of the ingredients.

In a big bowl, mix together brown rice cereal, salt and Detox Organics superfoods.

Pour the tahini and 3/4 of the melted carob over the cereal mixture and mix until all is well incorporated.

Transfer the cereal/chocolate tahini mixture to an 8*8 springform pan lined with parchment paper (If you do not have a springform pan, any container will work, just make sure you line it up with parchment paper).

Press it down using your fingers, pour over the rest of the melted carob and smooth the surface with a spatula.

Sprinkle some raw cacao powder on top and some cacao nibs (optional).

Refrigerate for half an hour.

Take it out and cut into desired size squares to make it easier to serve after it firms up completely.

Refrigerate again for another half an hour.

You can have this for breakfast, afternoon snack or serve it at kids (or big kids) birthday parties, they will love it!

Disclaimer: *the product mentioned above above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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