5 ingredients Detox Chocolate rice Krispies

When people ask my husband how many kids he has, his answer goes like this " I have 3 girls, 2 daughters and my wife" lol. And to some extent, that is so true, I totally embrace my inner child and am constantly in touch with her, I invite her to play often, give her the freedom to be totally fascinated by random and simple things in life, like a sunny day, the beauty of a flower, the excitement of learning new things every day, the fun of exploring, dancing, singing and just be happy with what is ... and of course chocolate!

Have you ever noticed a child's eye when they see chocolate? I still feel the same! Chocolate is pure magic not only for the way it tastes, but also for the way it makes you feel! It is no coincidence it is called the "food of gods"!

When it comes to food, I like to double the pleasure! Sometimes triple it , the more the better right?

let me ask you this: how does it feel to enjoy food that is utterly delicious while being aware of all the amazing nutrients you are giving your temple (aka body)?

Who would ever feel intimidated by food? Who would ever fear eating? Who would still count calories? Who would add any negative emotions to food?