Full Moon Detox Chocolate smoothie

Are you still feeling the intensity of yesterday's full moon? Do you feel your body aching, or maybe you feel restless, agitated but at the same time very tired!

Do not worry, you are not alone. If you feel this way, it means there is a lot to be released!

What are you holding on to? What aren't you letting go? What is weighing you down?

A full moon is usually an good time to release, to cleanse, to let go of what is no longer serving you.

The energy and intensity is so strong and you have no other choice but feeling it in your body, mind and soul! Just thinking how much we are connected to everything going on this world.

And because a full moon might leave you exhausted from all the internal work going on consciously and unconsciously, giving yourself extra love and support is primordial if you want to feel better, and who doesn't that?!

Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat super hydrating food like fruits and vegetables. Fill that water bottle and take it with you everywhere you go.

You may also notice that you are visiting the bathroom more frequently, or, contrarily you are constipated, especially if you are holding onto anger and resentment, not accepting to release the past or what is no longer serving you.

Try to rest and sleep, now I know, sometimes, some of you may become insomniac around the full moon, just like me, but that is OK, try to lay down, take naps the next day and be easy on yourself.

Try to eat high vibration food as much as possible, food that is plant based, organic, non-gmo and ethically sourced. And why not adding some superfoods to your diet for extra support, especially if you haven't been really taking care of your diet lately.

Well, that is why I love Detox Organics so much, it takes care of the added nutrition and gives my smoothies, desserts and snacks the most delicious chocolaty taste!

Today, I woke up feeling my body screaming for hydration , so I made a delicious smoothie with lots of extra support using Detox Organics* and because chocolate is always a good idea, right?