Rainbow roasted eggplants with caramelized onions

Eggplants! Do you like them? I am sure so many people don't, just like me 10 years ago! I used to dislike the taste and smell so much! The only way I could eat them was when they were blended with lots of tahini and lemon juice in the famous Baba Ghannouj recipe!

It wasn't until I started getting a little more creative in them and allowed them to surprise me with such delectable flavor when paired with the right ingredients!

This recipe here is so simple and easy to make, and that is the secret of eggplants, simple is best with them, until again you are dealing with Baba Ghannouj!

This recipe combine all my favorites ingredients: potatoes, tomatoes, basil and olive oil! The basic flavors of Mediterranean food, the food that is the closest to my heart!

Now the roasting time really depends on your oven, so keep a close eye!