Raw Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate is like bread in our household, we should never run out! My husband is not that crazy about it, but my girls and I are deeply in love with the "food of goddesses"!

It drives my husband nuts that he is the only male at home and that in the future, he will have to endure 3 PMS at different times of the month (lol) "the whole month is ruined" he says!

Well, thank god for chocolate because god knows what, we, women would have done without it, at that time of the month!

I am sure, many of you ladies can relate, right? Lately, I don't even need to track my period anymore, there is that day, more precisely night, where I eat all the chocolate in the world! The next day is always a proof that cravings never lie, they are here to tell us something!

I have learned, with time, to embrace my cravings, whatever they are, and of course I always try to satisfy them using high vibrational food and ingredients as much as possible.

When it comes to chocolate, instead of choosing the store bought chocolate bars loaded with refined sugars, or the highly processed cocoa powder, I go for raw cacao and I create simple recipes that are delicious and nutritious at the same time.

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