Chocolate waffle pizza

Hello tribe,

Today I am sharing with you a combination of two of my favorite meals: waffles and pizza! How in the world I haven't thought about that before!!

And to tell you the truth, I got the idea while I was thinking how to style the waffles for the photo-shoot, and I really wanted to attempt that mouthwatering waffle sandwich that my Instagram friends Ela and Bo are expert about, but I found it a little challenging for me and then, after I cut the waffle into quarters, and it obviously looked like a pizza to share, and because different people like different toppings (which is the case in my household), and because I LOVE food that is shared, I created this recipe and styling. I hope you like it as much as we did.

This recipe is very simple, mixing the dry ingredients together, and the wet ingredients together and then pouring the wet into the dry ones.

For this recipe, I opted for the 1 for 1 Gluten free flour instead of coming up with a mixture of gluten free flours together (which I usually like to do), to save some time and obviously because I was hungry for breakfast!

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