Best Vegan gluten free pancake recipe

Happy Monday you guys!

This past weekend we celebrated Mother's day here in the US, I enjoyed my time with my family, slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life like taking my time before I get out of bed to snuggle and giggle with my kids, sipping my matcha in my night gown with hubby and making pancakes for the whole fam!

Yesterday we had our friends over to spend the day, I enjoyed setting up the table and making for the first time a vegan baked cheesecake! I cannot wait to share the recipe with you because it turned out so good and everybody liked it!

It really is amazing that when we feel calm, relaxed, and most importantly aligned, inspiration just flows so naturally and creativity doesn't feel like lots of work.

I created this pancake recipe, while dancing in the kitchen to my favorite arabic tunes and just being happy for no particular reason.

And believe me if I say that this is the best pancake recipe that I ever created, so far! They are delicious, fluffy and well cooked on the inside.

Pairing them with almond blueberry yogurt and pistachios was just divine!