The rice experiment! The power of words! And how everything is energy!

I am sure some of you have already heard about Dr. Emoto's rice experiment.

Now between reading about it and watching the experiments done by other people all over the internet and doing it myself triggered a huge Aha moment.

I used to know the power of words and how they create our reality, actually this is what I teach my students and clients. It is something that I believe in intuitively, just like when we believe in God or superstitions, or anything that is non physical. I never thought I could see it with my own eyes!

Until I did the experiment myself! And I invite you to give it a try.

I cooked some rice by boiling in water and simmering for 20 minutes, you know the usual rice recipe.

I waited til it cooled down completely.

Meanwhile, I prepared to identical jars with identical lids.