High Protein Detox Smoothie

I get this question a lot, from friends, family and people all over the internet: How ca you get enough protein when on a plat-based diet?

I am sure you too, have thought about this a lot, or maybe, if your diet does not rely on animal protein, you have been bombarded enough with this question (lol).

In this blog post, I am going to share with you how simple it is to get enough protein in what seems like the most challenging meal of the day when it comes to protein, if you are not eating eggs & bacon: Breakfast!!

And in this recipe, are not only getting plenty of proteins, you are giving your body abundant nutrition to thrive and naturally detox!

Yes our bodies are naturally created to detox internal and external toxins, nowadays in abundance thanks to the poor diet and lifestyle choices we make and also to the extremely polluted environment we live in! That’s why our system need a little extra support to keep going with the natural detox process, which means eating more fruits, vegetables, herbs, superfoods that are necessary for the Detox process to take place.

But I also am aware that most of us are living on the go, sometimes not even drinking enough water and forgetting about all the fruits and vegetables, let’s not mention superfoods and herbs!

That’s why I am so thrilled to have found, to date, the most amazing Chocolate superfoods powder that contain more than 25 fruits, vegetables, superfoods & herbs in just one scoop! And what is even more amazing is that all you taste is C H O C O L A T E!!